Regency® Horizon®

HZ30E Gas Fireplace

The Regency HZ30E gas fireplace allows you to include today’s sleek, wide contemporary fireplace styling in any small cozy living space.  Because it is just 14 ½” in depth, it can be a warm addition to a smaller room without taking up too much space. You can add a tasteful surround in a variety of modern finishes or enjoy a clean finish with no louvers or faceplates.

  • Clean contemporary lines with picture frame quality
  • 20″ burner covered with crystals for a landscape fire
  • Electronic ignition with SureFire™ switch for convenient operation
  • Non-reflective ceramic glass for a clear view of the fire
  • Operates on natural gas or propane

Key Features & Technologies

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Energy SpecificationsNGLP
Maximum BTU 14,00013,000
Turn Down BTU14,00013,000
EnerGuide Rating62.20%61.62%
General Specifications
Product SizeSmall
View Area262 sq. in.
Room SizeSmall
Vent TypeDirect Vent
Vent Size (Air Intake)6-5/8"
Vent Size (Exhaust)4"
Faceplate Dimensions (4pc-Style)
Width (front)33-1/4"
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